Hello, I’m Louisa - a certified Sex and Relationship coach, and somatic sex educator. My mission is to reconnect people with themselves, and with others. Both in and outside of the bedroom.


Is your sex life as rocking as you’d like it to be? Or do you ever feel that just ‘something’ is missing?
With 1:1 coaching sessions
I can help you to:

Learn to love yourself whole-heartedly
Deepen emotional and sexual intimacy with your partner(s)
Feel more ‘in your body’ , less ‘in your head’
Feel confident and connected, both in and outside of the bedroom
Would you like to have better sex? 
Learn how to still have good sex pre, during and post-pregnancy? Expand your pleasure? Heal emotional bruising from previous relationships? Build sexual, and physical self-esteem? Learn how to say no- as well as yes? Discover what you want, and how to ask for it?